A neat idea I had

I never noticed before that you can connect a module on the master track to the track outputs on the mixer page. So I took an N-1 on the master and routed all the tracks to it and then put a crossfader between the full mix and the N-1. What that means is you can P-lock Soloing a track and also crossfade between the full mix and the soloed track. Put 4 or so notes on the master track and P-lock the buttons on the N-1 and then play with the crossfader. I found it to be a remarkable way to make interesting variations without actually changing the material.


  • that IS a neat idea!

  • Oh that is cool. Lately I've been sticking with the same setup because everything just works the way I want for the type of things I do. But it's crazy how flexible Drambo is...

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