AUv3 module often gives "Error" when Digitakt is connected

I'm having strange issues where my AUv3 module often gives me an "Error" when loading plugins. This seems to be caused by the Digitakt somehow. Anyone any idea why this could be happening? Digitakt is the main clock and sends start/stop to Drambo.


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    Which AUv3, which iDevice and which iOS version?

    And is your Digitakt sending clock messages when stopped?

  • All my AUv3 plugins behave this way, iPad Pro 4th gen on ipadOS 17.1.1. And afaik yes, all Elektron boxes keep sending out a midi clock signal even when stopped. Do you think could be causing weirdness in Drambo?

  • Hmmm, I have a Digitakt here and I also prefer using it as a MIDI clock source.

    I've never seen this happen with Drambo.

    I only have an iPad 6 on iOS 13.7 and an iPad 9 on iOS 16.7 though.

    Does the playing/stopped status make a difference when loading AUv3s?

    And can you load them after disconnecting the Digitakt?

  • "Does the playing/stopped status make a difference when loading AUv3s?" I don't think so. But I've never had this error when the DT was connected as well. It's a huge head scratcher tbh lol. I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone else ever experienced this issue.

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