Expose module params for external modulation/automation

Would absolutely love to see each knob in Drambo be mappable in something like Logic to make itself available for automation. Right now, if Drambo is hosted as an AUV3, the only way to externally control modules is through a whole lot of manual CC mapping, but hosts like AUM or Logic have ways to detect the last knob wiggled. Can Drambo expose that info to those hosts?


  • Drambo can do the same when hosting an AUv3.

    When hosted though, the little issue is that Drambo projects have no fixed architecture, in contrast to most other AUv3 plugins.

    MIDI CCs, although not perfect, at least give you control over the mappings and let you e.g. replace modules while keeping automation from previous projects intact.

  • miRack is similiar case like Drambo and there it is solved perfectly .. it had pre-defined set of AU prameters called “prameter 01, 02, … 32” and then in plugin you activate “map” mode - all mappble knobs get red rectangle and tap on it allows assign knob to that parameter

    multiple knobs van be assigned to same parameter, you then see small number when map mode is enabled which indicates into which param it is assiged

    also when you have already prammassined to some knob, when you try assign it to another, it asks you ig you want append to existing mappinh or override existing mappimg

    by tap on any existing assignment you can change assigned parameter or remove assignment

    simple yet super effetive.. never had any issue with that, works like a breeze

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