Build-in sequencer mapping and few minor things

Hello, I came back to iPad after few months after I successfully repaired it and wanted to build my setup based mainly on drambo. Didn’t used it much before but I was pretty sure that things I had In mind are possible coz “you can map almost everything in dRambo”…

I’ve read some of those forums and found that someone mentioned this somewhere but it’s not here in feature wish’list. 

Biggest thing I’d wish for dRambo for live playing would be:

Possibility to midi map build-in sequencer with ability to p-lock like in many hardware machines(elektron, perkons etc.). I was pretty sure it is possible and I was bit disappointed when stared to map things.

I wanted to map my bottom buttons of LCXL as 16step seq an be able to hold one step and p-lock with changing values by turning knobs. Also would be great to set step pitch by holding it(on midi controller) and pressing key on keyboard(other midi controller).

That would be huuuuge!

I’m looking for similar workflow like in perkons. I can imagine that Akai Fire + LCXL would be perfect for this case.

This feature would change dRambo to much more playable platform rather than touching screen all the time to set p-locks which is not most comfortable thing.

Another big thing, I think pretty basic, would be possibility to add more sends and sending any of them to any other so you can make feedback loop or send B to A to C etc.

I know you can do it easily with AUM but I would like to stick within one app.

One more thing, but already mentioned many times (so it’s my +1), is controller bidirectional midi feedback support for a no-brainer LED feedback setup.

If anyone has any tutorial or tips how to set up drambo to send data to LCXL for LED status response then I would love to hear that.

Thank you!

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