Midi Input (external), Receives ; Active track.

Hi folks, I'm having a bit of trouble with my current Drambo application, and am hoping to get some Drambo knowledge that would help.

My set up is my midi controler (novation sl mk3) mapped to Digitaktful (thanks Immortaltrashcan) in Drambo, which is a recreation of the Digitakt.

Rather than having 8 separate sl mk3 tracks with individual midi track numbers mapped to the 8 tracks in Digitaktful, I just mapped 1 channel that only controls the active track.

This works, kind of. My issue is even though, receives active track is selected for all the tracks my controller is changing the settings on all drambo tracks at the same time. In other words midi is, active track only but midi cc seems like it's global.

I know I could change the midi channel on the controller for each individual track, but I feel this would be a workflow killer.

Any Ideas how I can make incoming midi cc's only effect the active track?

Thanks, Gar.


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    I assume you're referring to mappings to parameters made through midi learn? I don't think that's possible. It would be really great if it could though.

    What I did in a similar situation was make a Mozaic script that sent a midi CC on a different channel according to a foot-switch press. Then I mapped that CC / channel combination to select each track according to the channel. For example: Select Track 1 = CC62/Ch.1, Track 2 = CC62/Ch.2, Track 3 = CC62/Ch.3. The script incremented the channel with each foot-switch press and wrapped back to channel 1 from the maximum channel. I just had to keep track of which track I was on at any time.

  • Hi number 37, thanks for the response and work around.

    You are exactly right, I was working from midi learned parameters (I should have clarified).

    That's disappointing to find out that active track won't stop midi ccs reaching other tracks.

    I don't know anything about Mozaic TBH, but going on your setup, I wonder would it be possible to have my midi controler using say midi channel 13, controlling Dambo with Mozaic on the front end, with specific buttons on my controller controlling a midi channel redistributer which could reroute to channel 1 to 8 to the corresponding 8 tracks in Drambo?

    Thanks, Gar.

  • Sure, it would be pretty easy to write such a script. There are a couple available already, but I don't think they're exactly matched to what you want to do.

    What midi messages do the buttons on your controller put out?

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    One way around scripting and still using Active Channel is to use CC Controller modules. These will receive the CC only on the active channel, then you can use the generated CV value to change parameters. One very nice aspect of this is you can sew that setup into a rack, hide the CC Controller modules, and save it as a preset to drop into other tracks. (This assumes you're using absolute controllers. It won't work with relative encoders. )

    You would then simply use the buttons you mentioned above to select the active track.

    There's also a downside. When you control one track then switch to another _the hardware knobs are no longer in the same position as the CC Controller module knobs_. So, you'll get jumps when you move the knobs. Of course, that might be the problem with any solution if you're using absolute controllers.

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