Broken projects killing the audio engine

This has happened to me a few times, and again just now. I created a drambo project on my iPad, and suddenly sound stops. Now this project becomes corrupt: If I open this project, the sound engine dies and doesn’t work even if I change projects, I need to restart Drambo and not touch the corrupt project. Has anyone else experienced this?

As a test I transferred this project to my Mac, and it actually works… somewhat. The project plays , but only if track 3 is muted. Unmute track 3 or route it to another track and sound stops, but not in the corrupting way, it comes back once track 3 is muted again. Doesn’t work like this on the iPad.


  • Go into Settings/Privacy/Analytics data/ and look for the most recent crash logs for dRambo.

    Email those and the corrupt project to describing the issue.

  • Done 👍

  • Update on the iPad project: I deleted track 3 on the corrupt project and saved it as a new project, that plays normally now.

  • It's Pitch detector module on track 3, fixed (upcoming release). Until then mute / remove it please.

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