Ability to lock controller section (Pads / Pianokeys) to one track

My Drambo projects are often composed of several sequenced tracks, and one or two tracks that I will play manually via an external MIDI controller or the built-in controller section.

The problem is that, the moment I choose another track, for example to change some parameters of a synthesizer, or to launch a different clip in the matrix, the Pads or the Keyboard are assigned to that track.

This is not only highly inconvenient, but it get's really messy when the hold/latch functionality is enabled, and the "enforced" track change happens while notes are held.

So what I am missing is an option to lock the controller section to a specific track.


  • +1 for this feature request. It would be extremely helpful.

    Could also be a selector next to the section indicating which track you want the pads/keys to go to.

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    I've taken to loading Drambo as an AUv3 midi FX on the track I want to "lock" then leaving it in a floating window where I want. I guess I could also put it on the Main track and set up buttons for which track I want the AU routed to.

    [edit] Yeah, that works. Load Drambo as AUv3 mid FX on the main track, followed by a Midi Switch 1-N. Then place a midi mixer as the first module on each track and set one input to the 1-N switch and one to the track input.

    Works great.

  • Amazing ideas guys. Definitely this would be an awesome addition to improve Drambo's flexibility.

    As I discover the intricacies of iPad music making logistics, my main focus is on finding solutions that allows the iPad to remain a 100% self contained solution. In that spirit, being able to tweak one sound while playing another without the need for an external physical controller is just... a brilliant idea.


  • I found one shortcoming. When you want to record to the sequencer for the track, you still need to switch to that track and use the host Drambo's keyboard. That's an area in which to think about improvements.

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