Midi capture (midi skipback recording)

Everyone’s been there. Noodling, finding something cool, pressing rec, not able to recreate the cool thing you were doing before recording :-)

Someting like Ableton’s capture would be so cool! I believe the latest MPCs have it as well? Especially helpful when playing keys. Basslines or leads can be recreated in the step sequencer quite well, but polyphonic, unquantized midi not so much.

Maybe somebody already posted this before but couldn’t find it. Please delete if this post is redundant.


  • Oh my, this would be a dream feature for me!

  • edited December 2023

    MIDI Tape Recorder can be useful for this. For instance, you can place an instance on the master track, set to Receive Always from an attached midi controller. It can be set to run freely or linked to the host's transport. You just need to remember to arm it. It has loop and crop controls, so it's not too hard to find the bit you liked. Unfortunately no drag and drop of the midi, but it's easy to export to a file.

    Not as good as built-in would be, but might be helpful for someone. It's free and is extremely accurate, even for MPE recording.

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