Fabfilter Pro-C 2 ratio knob has no effect in Drambo, as ratio is effectively locked to 100%

I unfortunately stumbled upon a pretty big problem. FabFilter Pro-C 2 currently does not work properly within Drambo:

The Ratio value of the compressor effectively remains locked at 100% (meaning the maximum compression ratio possible) as turning the Ratio knob within Pro-C 2 has no effect on the compression amount .

I tested in 2 scenarios:

#1 In a blank project with Shot Sampler, loaded a Kick, and loaded an instance of Pro-C 2 in the chain.

#2 In a blank project with an AUv3 (DrumComputer), programmed a basic sound and loaded an instance of Pro-C 2 in the chain.

Both scenarios resulted in the same outcome: The compressor remains locked to the maximum Ratio, rendering it unusable.

I also noticed that as a consequence of this any attempt of opening the side chain sub menu and adding a Low Cut filter to the internal side chain also had no effect on the compression either, but increasing the "SIDE CHAIN LEVEL" control resulted in more compression. I'm under the impression that this implies that there are also potential multiple secondary bugs involved.

@giku I noticed your intervention in another bug report back in December 2022 involving Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 and a side chain related functionality contained within it, perhaps both issues share similarities?

I tested Pro-C 2 in Cubasis and everything functioned normally.

I own all iOS Fabfilter AUv3s, if my help is needed to run any additional tests, please don't hesitate to ask.

As a new Drambo user currently studying/testing the app in depth and finding Drambo to be an incredible app, needless to say that stumbling upon an issue of this nature was a pretty big blow, especially considering Pro-C 2 is my weapon of choice and it is currently effectively unusable with Drambo .


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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