Micro Step editing like on the circuit tracks?


i got drambo a while ago and mainly used it to experiment with sound.

I really like creating loops on my circuit tracks, but i often feel limited with its 2 synth tracks, so tried to see how well i could use drambo for these cases.

But what i haven't found yet is a way to edit notes in the micro-step way that the circuit tracks allows, which i find pretty useful in that it reduces visual complexity. For now it seems that if i want to use more granular note timings, i have to increase the overall step count and change the play rate, which mainly makes it harder to click on each step and visually more noisy for me.

But maybe i just haven't found it; is there a way to input sub step notes or offset notes inside each displayed step (without changing the displayed step count) ?


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    Yes, all you need to do is switch to the piano roll.

    Zooming in will let the beloved sub steps magically appear 😊

    BTW, the step sequencer has precise timing adjustments too: Hit the icon with 3 vertical bars and choose the "Offset" page.

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    Thanks, that's helpful. I didn't expect that zooming dynamically adjusted the grid in the piano roll editor.

    The offset page looks exactly like what i imagined, but is there a way to make the continuous sliders for the values snap to certain subdivisions (for all the other tabs as well)? It feels fiddly without snapping and takes me longer to continually adjust by ear. The circuit tracks has 8 'micro steps' per step. If not i'll try to get used to zooming in the piano roll editor.

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