Grid lines very weird in piano roll view on Mac Mini M2

Hello! I am new to the forum and to Drambo & having a blast with it on my iPad. However, this question is about running Drambo on my Mac Mini M2. I have noticed that my grid lines in piano roll are very weird and they seem to adjust if I resize the window, but not to anything that is particularly usable. I tried to upload a pic to show what I'm talking about. Is there just a simple setting somewhere I'm overlooking?


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    Could you please describe the issue in more detail?

    Is the D# marking missing?

    If so, is it missing on one octave only?

    Does it change when you scroll the piano roll?

    Does it change when you resize the Drambo app window?

    Which MacOS version?

  • Hello, I don't think any of the note markers or octaves are missing, no.

    As an example, if I change my pattern length to 16 steps, I will not get a piano roll that is evenly divided into 4|4|4|4 steps, the lines and widths of each step will be all over the place. These lines do change if I resize the Drambo window, yes, but it will never look like a normal evenly spaced out grid, if that makes sense.

    macOS version is Sonoma 14.1.2

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