Notes disappearing from piano roll

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This happened to me a few times: I was trying to "manually" shift a group of notes an octave down (the part had other notes used as keyswitches that I did not want to transpose), however it was really hard to drag them vertically to begin with (and if I forgot "snap" on they would all change length and snap to the grid - note, in the video I'm trying to just transpose them down one octave, did not mean to change the length).

Because of that I then tried to press "undo" and some notes just disappeared (they still show in the clip preview, but are not played back)

I reproduced it in this video:

The only way to "revert" this was to close the project without saving and open the previous save.


p.s. in case it's relevant, I'm using an iPad Air 4th gen.


  • Yes, there are still a few issues in the piano roll and they'll be fixed step by step.

    Thanks for reporting!

  • I know I'm late to the party but I also experienced a similar event, yet was unable to identify exactly how I made it happen.

    All I know is I was fiddling with notes in the PRV (probably fiddling with the UNDO function and group notes selection as well), and in my use case a note visually disappeared but the event remained audible!

    Even stranger, subsequently in the step sequencer view, when I would highlight the step on which that event was supposed to be, instead of the UI creating a green outline around that given step, it would create a "micro outline" INBETWEEN steps that had about 1mm width!

  • Thanks @groovegcs!

    You're not late to the party, every bug report is valuable.

  • Thanks a lot!

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