Sequence 8 instances of a generator of my choice with cp3 polybeat

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Can someone step me through setting up a Drambo template with 8 instances of a generator such as Shot Sampler mapped to notes C4-D5 on the white keys only using polybeat or a MIDI input? I am new to Drambo but and haven't determined options yet in my exploration of it.


  • Here's a quick example using 2 shot samplers.

    Make sure your MIDI source sends C4 in fact, not C3 or C5 (you can show the MIDI stream by adding a MIDI monitor connected to the MIDI input).

  • How can you do an fx chain per one shot and how can you do an 8 channel mixer when you multiply the shot sampler chain to 8? Tips appreciated. And does the one shot sampler module support velocity? And then finally how do I sequence the sample notes with an AUv3 MIDI generator of my choice such as’s polybeat?

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    1. You have a main mixer for all tracks too, just hit the upper right rectangle icon.
    2. No but you can add an ADSR or other Envelope module after each one-shot sampler and connect it to the Gate and Velocity outputs of the MIDI2CV module in front of it.
    3. Like with any other AUv3 sequencer that sends MIDI notes. In Drambo, some modules can work with MIDI directly while others (the classic analog models) need the MIDI2CV module to extract Gate, Velocity and Pitch signals. With the shot sampler, you could add pitch modulation by tapping on the sampler's pitch knob, tapping on the MIDI2CV pitch output and turning the new modulation knob to the maximum. Or just use the Sampler or Flexi Sampler which have a dedicated pitch input.
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