1 knob amp envelope

So, I’m into one knob solutions.

Everyone sing ‘one knob’ to the tune of One Love by mr Marley.

I’d like to make an amp envelope device where:

knob at 8 o’clock = vibraphone

knob at noon = organ

knob at 4 o’clock = piano

I’ve tried and failed. Any ideas?


  • Something like this?

  • Cheers guys. None of these gives me what I’m after.

    Piano has a long decay but short release.

    Vibraphone long decay and a long release.

    Organ has an infinite decay (as long as the keys are pressed) and a short release.

    Unless I’m missing something obvious and lost in the dark aka winging it as usual.

  • Wait @supadom, of course you need to adjust the envelope curves in my 3 Graphic Envs yourself!

  • I cannot get the classic piano envelope where when the key is pressed and released the sound is staccato and when it is held it decays slowly, with any of the given examples @rs2000 @Johnisfaster

    I can do what I’m asking for with the ADSR module and modulate the sliders using the morph module but I remember @giku saying that it can be cpu expensive so I generally try to avoid it.

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    There’s also this but it gives me some noise when switching between layers but I guess I can live with it.

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    @supadom Yes, the Graphic Env has a flaw in that it cannot jump to the release phase when the key is released. This is something that @giku would need to fix I think.

    For now, you'd either need 6 Graphic Envs switched by Gate or use 3 Amp Envs and an N-to-1 switch instead of layers in your second example. It can switch without clicks.

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