Re-arranging layers

The left-to-right nature of connections in Drambo is awesome in many regards, but when building racks that have access to all the necessary controls without having to scroll horizontally by using layers (which I like), this can be very cumbersome.

For example:

layer1: osc

layer2: filter

layer3: amp

oh shit forgot modulation layer! Let’s create a new layer (Layer4). Any envelopes or lfo’s cant modulate any of the layers above it.

Of course this is a very simple example, and planning ahead is always a good thing, but building racks can be an evolving process. My current workaround is creating a new rack on another track and copy-paste layers in the new order, but so many connections break.


  • Second this. Once layers get to a certain level of complexity, it becomes pretty risky to copy and paste from layer to layer if you haven't memorized every modulation and connection.

    In general it would be great if there were a way for modules to retain that sort of information in the clipboard, that alone would be super helpful for rearranging large chunks of modules.

  • We’ve been down this road before so at the moment thinking ahead and “Copy and Paste” is the way forward.

  • Yes, I used to just live with the wrong order for like ages. Copy and paste is my new go to. Thanks @BoutiqueCase for the tip.

    Likely as good as it gets as the list of little tiddly bit has got to be long.

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