Drambo + Moog DFAM?

Anyone using Drambo with Moog’s Drummer from Another Mother? I’m contemplating a purchase and wondering whether I could override the 8 step DFAM sequencer using Drambo’s excellent sequencer. Tips on an interface appreciated. Thanks.


  • Get yourself a dc coupled audio interface and then you can CV control the DFAM.

    Something like the Motu Ultralite mk5, Motu M4 or get an Expert Sleepers ES-8.

    There are quite a few lists out there that list dc coupled audio interfaces.

    For my personal rig I have a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 mkii

    and an Expert Sleepers ES-3 on the ADAT output of my Behringer UMC1820.

    The KA 6 mkii only has ±2V DC so it needs CV amplifiers to bring the voltage up to the correct levels for modular and the Expert Sleepers ES-3 worked straight out of the box providing ±10V DC needing only calibration which can be done from within dRambo.

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