Pattern length ?

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I'm new to Drambo so maybe it is something I missed, but is it possible to change the length of the patterns ?

I know how to change the steps per beat, the number of beats in a pattern, the number of steps in a clip and the step jump component. But the pattern itself is always the same length. For example if I choose to put a step jump component on the 2nd step of a clip to jump to the 16th step, it won't switch to the next pattern automatically, it will loop until the pattern is finished.

Or, if I want all my tracks in one pattern to only have a clip with 3 steps, the pattern will loop until it's finished to switch to the next. But I would like the pattern to switch directly when the 3 steps clips are done.

I'm not talking about switching patterns manually, but rather when it changes automatically when you press play.

So, it seems that the pattern length is not something you can change ?

I hope I'm clear :)


  • You're correct, except setting 3, 4 or 5 steps per beat and the number of repeats you can't set the pattern length and even if the longest clip in the pattern is much shorter, the pattern will at least have 4 bars.

    More flexibility during composing has been a regular request (and we know from KORG Gadget that it makes sense) so I'm quite sure that will be taken care of sooner or later.

  • Thanks for your answer rs2000.

    That would be amazing because Drambo is already far more powerful than any hardware box like, say, the Dirtywave M8 or the Octatrack, but that's the only thing they have that Drambo doesn't have.

    The Arranger of the Octatrack lets you play a clip from any step to any step and it's non-destructive. For example you can choose to play a 16 steps clip from the 2nd step to the 7th step only. That's quite unique because the clip itself is not affected.

    So we could imagine a feature like that, or a step jump component that lets you jump to the next pattern from any step of the clip, à la Dirtywave M8.

  • Drambo can do that too.

    Add the Punch-in Looper module to the Master track and set it to "Range".

    By hitting two pads or keys, starting from C2, you can play the whole pattern from any step to any step and cycle over it. After releasing the held notes, Drambo will continue normal playback.

  • Thanks, I did not know that, that's a nice performance feature !

    However, "programming" this would also be very nice, like in the OT' s arranger.

  • I'm missing that too so let's upvote this feature request ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I think the new(ish) “sequencer” module might also open up some possibilities in this area, especially when using its “Note Selected” mode.

    What do you think @rs2000 ?

  • Well this is below pattern level. You can do a lot already but to do easier song arrangement with different pattern lengths, this would need to be implemented for patterns.

    If you've worked with Gadget before then you certainly know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I’ve really only used Gadget a handful of times, but never got into it. Though I do get the limitation that OP describes. Guess I’ve always worked around that.

  • I'm new to Drambo and to this forum so how does this work here ? Does the developer read this forum ?

  • So I’ve been getting into Gadget lately since the big version 3 update. (Better late then never I guess eh?)

    And I think I finally see what you were talking about with the pattern lengths and the dynamic loop brackets.

    Some of the things I keep running into in Gadget are Drambo habits.. like trying to tap on a pattern, expecting to be able to “launch” it like we can in the Drambo pattern/clip launching area. It’s weird how a limitation in one, is a strength in another.

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