Sending a static PC value with each CC increment

I'm looking for a way to set up MSB operation on a synth which needs to receive PC for each bank and a CC for kit selection.

So each increment of the CC should also trigger a static PC value so it stays in the same bank (or can be later changed by selecting another PC bank)

so the CC kits can only be chosen if there is a simultaneous Bank message being sent, any head start on this is welcome!


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    I'm having a hard time parsing exactly what you need from your description. I'm tripping over the jumble of terms Bank, MSB, and CC.

    I think what I'm hearing is you want to send a static Program Change message and also pass through the CC value each time a particular CC value changes?

    If so, this should be doable with the free MIDI Messenger loaded as a MIDI FX.

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    Apologies @number37 you got it exactly right, it's concerning the CC value increment + a static PC message each time it changes.

    Thanks for your solution but unfortunately I can't use MIDI Messenger / SB or the likes inside the Mac Drambo, hence the inquiry for a native solution.

    I only came as far as being able to detect CC value (from a knob that's assigned to a CC gen) changes by a Differentiator but then I don't know how to proceed with strengthening the signal for it being enough to trigger a PC message.

  • You're not the first one asking for this so here's a solution:

  • ah thanks for the efforts @rs2000 !

    Though my case is maybe a little more unusual because I need to have a steady PC # output on each CC increment, so CC 0 00 and CC 0 05 should output a steady PC # 0 on every CC increment and across the entire range, unless you change the PC number then it outputs a steady newly selected PC number along side each CC value. So an extra knob for setting the PC # and having it output a steady # with each CC increment, do you think this logic could be implemented here?

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    The Graphic Env keeps the PC generator from sending too many PC messages. Reduce the Length to zero if you don't want that.

    The Morph is assigned to the PC Send button.

    Would this work?

  • Hopefully I've done what you've ment @rs2000, on the combined monitor it looks like there are double PC messages sent but maybe that's just the MIDI timing of it arriving at the same time with CCs, have yet to test it on the hardware's end!

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