Bug: length mismatch when setting full length note through step sequencer

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When tap-dragging in the step sequencer to create a lengthened note right until the end of the sequence the note will not actually be as long as the sequence, but half a beat shorter. This can be seen when opening the piano roll panel.


  • It's not half a beat but half a step shorter, and this is default behavior just like when you add a single-step note. The last step will always cover 50% of the step length.

    There have been discussions about being able to change that default behavior but I'm not sure if a final solution had been agreed upon yet.

  • hm, ok. I can't think of any, but what could be reasons that this might be desired behaviour? I'm also not able to find those discussions you mention; the forum search is quite rudimentary, it only seems to respect single words of multi-word searches, and each of those, like 'step' or 'length' etc. yields many unrelated results.

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    Yeh, it seems like the search uses "or" logic rather than "and" logic in search.

    An alternative is to use google search terms with site:https://forum.beepstreet.com included in the string.

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