Widespread MIDI interference bug/hiccups using Drambo Standalone and Logitech G wired/wireless mice

The first post I ever made back in early December 2023 was about a MIDI interference issue I was experiencing when using Drambo's built-in controller KEYS/PADS to trigger audio while Drambo was in standalone mode.

The exact problematic behaviour was that whenever my wireless USB mouse receiver was connected to my iPad Pro's USB hub and whether my mouse was turned ON or OFF, some notes would frequently get delayed or bug the audio out.

I originally showed this in an unlisted YouTube video (the issue occurs whenever I point at the screen - see video from 0:38 to 1:10):


Because initially the exact cause of the bug proved to be time consuming to isolate, I simply ended up excluding the "key" factor that I ultimately found out was enabling this issue (a high end Logitech Wireless - NOT Bluetooth - mouse) and didn't give it another thought.

I now realize that I had previously drawn incorrect conclusions about the extent of the issue.

The reason for writing this new post is that I found out the problem is a lot more widespread than I believed.

Whereas I initially ASSUMED that the issue was due to the wireless receiver itself and not the mouse, I never bothered actually checking with a wired USB connection directly. It turns out that the problem occurs regardless of whether the mouse is used in wireless or wired mode, so both the USB receiver itself causes problems, AND the mouse itself ALSO causes problems even without a USB wireless receiver involved.

I have quite a few high end mice, from Logitech and Zowie, some wireless and some wired.

So I tested:

Wireless mice (with wired mode available):

  1. Logitech G 303 Shroud Edition  (still in production) -CAUSES HICCUPS
  2. Logitech G Pro Wireless         (still in production) -CAUSES HICCUPS

Wired mice:

  1. Logitech G Pro (diffrent model vs G Pro Wireless)   -CAUSES HICCUPS

It turns out that when using ANY of the listed Logitech G mice, WIRED or WIRELESS all 3 mice caused the MIDI input hiccup issue, only affecting Drambo in Standalone, (as opposed to being hosted).

The ONLY mouse that actually did NOT cause this problem was the Zowie EC2-A, which I find quite fascinating.

All 4 mice are capable of a polling rate of 125/250/500/1000hz.

These mice were connected one at a time to my iPad Pro through a high end USB-C Hub (Uni Accessories USB-C 8 in 1 Hub | 4K@60Hz | Union Pro +)

Anyhow I'm mainly posting this for documentation purposes to help anyone who might run in a similar issue. hopefully this will avoid a headache to someone.

Considering that a mouse and keyboard are necessary when using a dual screen setup with the iPad Pro, that means I'm much more likely to end up using a mouse and keyboard than I originally believed.

@giku Seeing as though Logitech G products are quite widely used, it might be worth having a look at this... Especially considering that if someone only has a logitech mouse and needs to involve a mouse in their iPad setup, they might have to make an equipment purchase likely to be more costly than Drambo itself.

With that said using Bluetooth peripherals is probably a better idea with iPads just because of issues with USB 2.0/3.0 port count...

...Unless someone confirms from experience that plugging a USB hub into another USB hub is actually functional on USB 2.0 ports for mouse/keyboard usage?


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    This will have more legs if you can prove conclusively whether the problem is isolated only to Drambo or if it occurs in other standalone apps when using their built-in keyboards and these mice.

    I have a sneaking suspicion this is related somehow to typing keyboard support for playing notes in Drambo. I know a mouse shouldn't have anything to do with keyboard input, but still. That it doesn't happen in Drambo AUv3 tends to back that theory up since typing keyboard support doesn't function in the AUv3.

    It's been a hell of a long time since I used a Logitech mouse, let alone on an iPad. But I know they've always had configurable features for things like keyboard macros and the like, so it's not beyond possibility that there are some keystrokes getting dealt sporadically.

    The only other app I know has both in-app keyboard and "musical typing" keyboard support is SunVox. Loopy Pro has some typing keyboard support, but not yet for note entry.

    (On a side note, Drambo could use an option to turn off musical typing keyboard support.)

  • @number37 Hi! 😀 I'll do some rapid-fire info drop, hopefully it'll be impactful:

    1. In an empty Drambo rack track if an AU instrument is added, the bug still occurs.
    2. In Cubasis, AUM, or testing Poison 202 in standalone, there is never a problem.
    3. In a Drambo track with an AU instrument or internal Drambo sound generator, adding a MIDI monitor makes the problem DISAPPEAR!
    4. There's no problem when I use the Zowie EC2-A.
    5. There's a problem when I use any of the 3 Logitech mice I originally mentioned (one of which is a "wired only" model).

    Eliminating the problem through the addition of a MIDI monitor module was something I also showcased in my original YT video.

    From the moment the MIDI monitor module is added, I never point at the screen or detect an issue. See exactly from 1:18 to 1:50

    On a side note, despite the fact that I was very curious about SunVox from the beginning through my research, I chose to put the purchase aside because I have so many things on my plate to process I felt my brain was going to explode if I added something as intricate and complex as SunVox to the party... If it goes on sale I'll buy it out of principle but... yeah my brain! 😵

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    Yes, if there's an app that can make your brain explode, it's SunVox.

    In Cubasis, AUM, or testing Poison 202 in standalone, there is never a problem.

    None of which support playing from typing keyboard. Hence my suspicion that what you're seeing is related to that.

    In a Drambo track with an AU instrument or internal Drambo sound generator, adding a MIDI monitor makes the problem DISAPPEAR!

    That's very interesting ... and blows my theory out of the water. It hints that a solution may be easier than it seemed at first. Maybe this will help @giku .

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