Control linked to clips

Due to a large number of controls in different tracks which a few people including myself have, it would be immensely helpful to have an option in the rack or an individual track with something like 'controls linked to clip'

Which then disables or overrides the P-locking mechanism for that particular rack / track, then all you have to do is set the controls and their positions will be stored correspondingly to its current clip. Can anyone else benefit from this?


  • P-locks and automation are always linked to the respective clip.

  • yes but the point is not to having to p-lock each control individually, so as an option, when you set positions of controls then they are standardly linked to the clip without having to p-lock them one by one.

  • You mean a mode in which you could store value snapshots per clip?

  • exactly, I already proposed this via the beta but I seemed to be on my own with this one, would be glad to hear if anyone else can have use for this as P-locking 50+ parameters per each clip just gets a little counterintuitive.

  • Hold a clip and tweak. It's as easy as that :)

  • ha sure thing! but again, it's just about the large amount of parameters which differ on each track and with each clip, and also, if I use external snapshot recording and fire hundreds of assigned CCs at once then it caused it to crash a few times so that's also unreliable.

  • Hundreds of CCs at once?

    Wow, that doesn't sound like a common scenario 😮

  • that was done just for the sake of experiment as there is no need to assign everything I do in Drambo to an external knob/CC

    other plus points:

    -easy CV scale editing per clip as now the visual results of P-locking scales is not always correct.

    -not have to worry about certain parameters being audibly disabled when in P-locking mode, so when moving a parameter or a fader - it does nothing until you exit P-locking.

    I'll keep on dreaming for now that things could be as convenient as turning a knob and selecting another clip and turning it again for it to stay in place :)

  • I'm failing to see how P-locking clips isn't the same as making snapshots

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