Enable / Disable MIDI modules

This works for every module besides MIDI, when disabled it still passes through the MIDI data but with everything else like with audio/modulation it blocks it, is this standard operation?


  • Indeed, I find it worth discussing what the default behavior for module bypass should be.

    For audio and MIDI processing modules, I would vote for forwarding the input to the output unchanged when muted.

    I've just noticed that not all audio modules behave in the same way, thanks for mentioning it!

  • Good to know you noticed that as well!

    Surely too many option are menu clutter but I would vote for having the choice to either block or pass, as it would eliminate the need to have to set up individual MIDI Mute modules for every note, as in for instance when using large scale drum voices.

  • Agreed on this

  • edited January 19

    I too agree and for mute behavior as well. I understand this may be complex, but muted or disabled modules should just shortcut their connections (probably easier said than done). It works now, with the occasional quirk.

    It’s really helpful to be able to bypass modules with the mute button (although I always forget it on by accident, but that’s my problem)

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