Add a third fx bus send

Sorry for the noob question but I’ve check videos and docs and I can’t find an answer to this. The default 8 track project has an A and B send for each track. I need one more and to add the knob to the tracks so each track would have A B C not just A B. Basically for chorus, delay and reverb.

how do I do this please?


  • You can't add a third knob to the track module but you can add an amp module that can be routed to another effect, something like this:

    The input of each Amp module is connected to the last module's output or the track in front of it.

    While connecting, you can freely switch tracks to find the output you're looking for. Just remember that you can only connect to the previous, not to successive tracks.

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    Thank you for the reply dude I'll see what I can work out!

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