Only got sound in one ear

Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place for this but I've run into an issue that is making the app almost unusable and wanted to know if there was a solution or if I was doing something very wrong.

I've started a new project on my iPad (Pro 11'), brought in my little self-built drum rack as seen below, and I'm getting sound in just my left ear, not the right. If I mute my drums channel, the other two channels which I have AUs on switch back to playing through both ears.

It's not my headphones that are the problem, as I've tried three different pairs, so I'm assuming the drum rack I've made has been built terribly and it's hitting the CPU hard perhaps? I'm still very new to this. Any help would be hugely appreciated as I was loving the app up till this point!

I should say that I've got reverb applied to some of my drum hits. Maybe I should set that up as a send. Would that make such a huge difference though? I've only got it applied to a snare and hi hat.


  • Hard to say without knowing your project.

  • If you post the project (save it, zip it, then upload to forum) it can be diagnosed from actually looking at the structure. the reverbs are stereo modules so it might be that the rack outputs are looking for stereo from the the mono sounds.

  • This one looks interesting; I think it's the snare sample that has a problem on the right channel. If I play it by itself in a different project I get a loud lone click at the end. In the full project this seems to be making Drambo shut down the right channel after the sample is played for the first time.

  • @NoiseFloored Do you mean the snare sample in the snare 2/clap channel? I just tried removing that channel on the rack altogether and I still have the problem.

  • @longstare no, I mean the one labeled "Snare", right below "Kick". Can you try removing that one?

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