Nested racks expanding in compact mode

Hello, I have been working on a one-track MIDI “Command Center” for my external hardware synths, and have run into an issue with compact view mode on inner racks. I have been trying to encapsulate the different modules so that only the interactive elements show, and I can keep the interior components organized.

Even though the inner nested racks all have compact view mode set, they all automatically expand when a parent rack expands (the nested modules still have compact mode checked in their properties).

I’ve tried searching for info on this, but couldn’t find anything. Is there a way to prevent this, or is this a known issue? It’s not a huge problem, the actual functionality of the patch works. I just wish it would stay neat and organized like I set it, it makes it easier to work on.

Thanks in advance, Drambo is awesome! So glad I found the app.


  • This has been mentioned before and as far as I know there is no “nested memory”, yet…

    What I do sometimes is encapsulating what I don’t want to see in a custom rack (more connections, though) and then hiding it altogether

  • I thought so, that’s a shame. Thanks for the workaround idea.

    I wanted to have racks you could open up to change less common settings or see the midi monitor, kind of like looking under the hood. I’ll just have to keep it to top level or use sections for now.

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    Wouldn't the Layers module work too?

    When you're controlling external gear, you'd have MIDI Output modules in each layer and have much more accessible buttons for each page while still using folded MIDI racks if you want.

  • Actually, I am using layers. One for each of my synths. You’re right, I don’t think compact modules expand when changing layers.

    Now I’m thinking about nesting layers within layers… is there some kind of limit to nesting? How far down the hole can you go?

    I feel like there are some wild possibilities there.

  • What if there was a way to fully collapse modules to just minimum space. A shrink option (get out of the way). Perhaps with a long press to minimize, single press to restore normal collapsed state

    I think it would improve navigation on complex projects, without (hopefully) being too much of a hassle

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