Incompatibility between Drambo and Korg Gadget AU’s?

The Korg Gadget AU’s don’t take kindly to automation or modulation in Drambo. It seems to work fine at first, but once I close and reload the song, things go sideways. The Gadget ignores automation and reacts unpredictably to Drambo’s LFO modules. It makes no difference whether I record the automation or draw it in.

I don’t know if the bug is with Korg or Drambo; the Gadgets work OK in other hosts, but then every other plugin works OK in Drambo😆


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    Check your settings in Gadget, and see if you have Ableton Link enabled (enabled in Drambo as well) and sync is ext. If you look in “Other Settings” you should be able to configure. Background Audio, knob response, and audio latency. I would see if changing any of those helps if all else fails.

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    Just to be clear, I’m not using the actual Gadget app itself, but the AUv3 versions of its instruments, which were made available to iOS users recently. In this case, I’m using the ‘Brussels’ instrument as a plugin in Drambo. They’re really fun and elegant little ‘gadgets’, so It’s great to have them as AUv3s. But I guess there’s still some kinks to work out 😁

  • Yeah, modulation doesn’t work correctly. I’m hoping Korg can fix it :)

  • The Korg AUv3 automation don't work as expected in LogicPro for iPad either...

    ...I've reported this to Korg so we'll just have to be patient and wait for an update 😎

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