Can't duplicate or copy & paste automation between bars of a pattern

Not sure if it's by design and I'm not sure if it worked before, but when I create an automation for 1 bar of a pattern and then x2/duplicate it to 2 bars, the automation isn't duplicated with it.

When I press on the label of the automated value in the header of the automation view and select copy, and try to paste it into another bar with the same label but no automation curves, nothing happens, so I can't copy it manually either.

Why would this be useful? Basic House and/or Hip Hop patterns are often 3 repetitions of a sound + 1 variation, and the easy way to get there is duplication and modification of the last pattern. Right now I have to redraw the automation for every bar, which can be very difficult if not impossible for more complex ones created with the pencil, with curves etc., which forces me to use snapping and very simple grids and automation that can be easily redrawn.

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