Cannot sync Drambo AUv3 as MIDI FX to host

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Is there a way to get Drambo as an AUv3 synced to the plugin host ? I tried various hosts ( AUM, AB3, EG Nodes and even Drambo itself). None works. With sync set to host the speed syncs, but there is no way to start the transport and Ableton Link does not seem to be available.

Just noticed that the problem only occurs when I try to load Drambo in a MIDI FX slot/track of the host.


  • Weird, it works here.

    You're hitting play in the host, not in the plugin, right?

    The host is your master 😉

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    That’s what I do. For example in AUM:

    • add MIDI track
    • load Drambo into track
    • Sync setting “Host”: Starting AUM transport does not start Drambo (clock, track, control for AU MIDI input are enabled. Manually starting or arming the Drambo transport is not possible.

    I wonder if I should backup my projects and reinstall Drambo….

  • 😮

    Did you try a reboot before reinstalling?

    And which iOS version are you running?

  • I did try a reboot and reinstalling the app files by offloading Drambo and reloading it.

    Both did not solve the problem.

    Only after I completely removed Drambo and it’s data and reinstalled and restored it did work again.

    Im using an iPad 9 with iOS 17.2

    There was one oddity though: iOS showed in the settings that Drambo was using 1.6 Gb of storage. Although my project files, presets and samples only amount to about 80Mb. Now after the restore storage is below 200 Mb what for me is a realistic value. Not sure if this might cause this problem: Coming from Android I do have a bad? habit of force quitting apps (swipe up to get the active apps, then swipe them off the scree) in order to have nothing running in the background or hogging memory when I make music. Maybe I should just keep stuff running and just disable background audio if need be?

  • I don't think that force closes are a problem, I'm doing this all the time 😉

    Also I don't think that storage could make any difference.

    This is something for @giku to look at.

  • By the way, by enabling WebDAV in Drambo standalone and connecting with Readdle Documents, you can show Drambo's folder sizes (hit the ... next to each folder and choose "Show Info").

    I also have around 1.6GB here, mostly occupied by all the imported samples.

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