Click (pulse) synchronised clock generator / LFO ?

Before I dive into this and the whole subject of PLLs (phase locked loops) myself:

Are there any patches / suggestions about building a synchronized clock pulse generator / LFO in Drambo?

I am looking for something similar to the "Clocked" module in miRack, that is able to lock its BPM rate on incoming sync pulses. And I am looking for a native Drambo solution that does not require additional plug ins, and that can run in the Drambo AUv3 version.


  • I’m pulling this off my ass, but a gate inverter on the input signal would generate a sync signal you could use to trigger the LFO. Unless I’m misunderstanding what a PLL is

  • Sorry, disregard that

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    No problem. The reason for asking my question is that I will jam together with a bunch of mainly analogue / modular synth players tomorrow. That means sync pulses instead of MIDI clock. My idea was to let the iPad do the click -> clock translation. And native in Drambo. For now I have solved the problem with hardware, although I would still appreciate a software solution - less to carry...

  • Send me a wave file recorded from your clock pulses and I'll see what I can do.

    What's the minimum and maximum bpm you're working with?

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    @rs2000 thanks for the kind offer. For now I have found a solution for the problem. Loopy Pro works excellent, when it comes to translating tempo taps into actual clock / speed. The clock is very stable and the beat syncs with the taps. So I have created a Drambo project that does not contain any synchronizable LFO or any PLL, but mainly acts as a discriminator to isolate the clock pulse from the incoming signal and to form a MIDI note trigger, that then in turn can trigger Loopy Pro's "Tap Tempo" action.

    Here is the link to the Drambo project:

    And here the associated Loopy Pro project:

    However, if you are interested to give the challenge of pulse synchronizable LFOs and PLLs a try, then the pulse sample you are asking for is actually in the Drambo project. Because I was unable to give this a "real world" test with actual hardware (my personal hardware is recovering from a bike accident), I did create a clock pulse simulator that is part of the project. This rack uses a clock pulse that I sampled a while ago directly from a Korg Volca synthesizers sync out. And to make it a real kind of "test bed", I added some functionality to add noise and interference to the signal.

    The next parts on the todo list are more testing with hardware, and then the idea is to build a small and simple, electro optically isolated adapter to connect the iPad's microphone in (still have the headphone jack ;-) )with the clock source (Volcas, Eurorack etc.).

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