Drambo not working as a software instrument in Logic on MacOs

When I set Drambo as the software instrument in Logic on my Mac Mini M1, it asks for the plugin folder in the file system for the iPad. Since I can’t do that, I choose a different folder. This choice doesn’t stick.

Once Drambo opens, If i go to the hamburger and hit open, it goes to a folder called documents with nothing in it, I’m assuming because it can’t find the correct folder since it thinks it is on an iPad.

If I go the hamburger and select file system, I can see projects I have saved on the local machine, but choosing one of them does nothing.

Drambo standalone works as expected on the M1 mini, except I can’t get it to talk to Logic at all.

Drambo on my iPad works as expected and communicates with Logic on my m1 Mini, but of course, none of the instruments I build are available on the Mini.

How I want to use Drambo:

I use Drambo stand alone on my iPad as a mobile instrument and track creation tool, including building up songs in patterns. I also like to use Drambo stand alone while connected to my Mini in order to use it for those same reasons, but also as an external midi controller.

It would be nice if after having built a project, if I could save that project to a network location and open it as an AU instrument in Logic in order to more easily add non-Drambo instruments, mix, and master.

I am relatively a newbie at all of this, so I very well may be missing the obvious, but is there a best practices for moving from Drambo standalone on the iPad (or even Drambo as an AU instrument in Logic for iPad) and using it in Logic on a Mac?


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