Fix nudge touch gestures in Drambo

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I admit it. I am a nudger. And Drambo is the only app that does not like nudgers. At least touch/pencil nudgers😂

I'm encountering this issue all the time with nudge gestures (quick taps and slides) not working consistently on knobs in Drambo. This significantly impacts the app's usability.

**Nudge conflict:** Tapping a knob to nudge often triggers connection mode instead, which is disruptive and unnecessary. Nudging works flawlessly in other hosts/auv3 plugs

* **Touch vs. mouse design:** This specific behavior in Drambo seems the result of assuming a mouse input device. Which will have low error rate for obvious reasons. But for high velocity touch input. Finger or Pencil. It's a different story.

**Suggested solution:** Implementing a preference to disable tap-to-enable connect mode on knobs or change the behavior in any way.

This would greatly improve the touch experience. Or just a button to toggle between 'Edit Connections'  and 'Interact' mode.

Same applies to sideway scrolling. This conflicts with fine adjustments on rotary knobs for similar reasons.

I hope our amazing Drambo dev will consider these points and find a easy way to deal with this issue.Thank you for your time.


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    I wonder how many Drambo users would really want the behavior you've described.

    Drambo is different from other apps indeed but in a good way, I must say.

    The "tap to connect" on knobs with modulation capability is a core feature that wouldn't make much sense to disable. It's one of my most used gestures.

    To me, nudging is not tapping but rather swiping over the knob vertically or horizontally to adjust its value in different scales.

    And scrolling a rack sideways is nothing more than getting used to tapping on an empty module area.

    Sorry that I can't share your view in this case but any suggestions about how to improve workflows without breaking things are very welcome!

  • I realize now I’m a nudger myself. What I would really like would be some kind of overlay that would show the precise value I’m setting. Doesn’t make much difference for things you can hear, but to create well behaved patches with numbers and stuff, it’s a struggle now

    The struggle is part of the fun, though

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    I'm not really a nudger but I get hit with unexpected "connect" acton all the time and it really throws me off my groove. I would prefer long-press or some other gesture to bring up the connect action.

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    I just discovered a small bug. Tapping a control brings up the connect action, with the control helpfully pulsing in highlighted orange. Long-press starts the connection action but without the control highlighted.

  • loopy pro has an impressively useful way to adjust sliders and similar inputs, tap-swiping either horizontally or vertically (depending on the widget orientation) away from the tap point overlays a temporary, scalable slider (depending on further distance from the tap point).

    Drambo should have something like this as an option.

    I almost always obscure the value i'm trying to adjust with my finger, and also often accidentally activate connection mode when only trying to adjust/nudge it a tiny bit.

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