Button documentation?

Where do i go to find documentation on how to use some of the built in modules inDrambo, more specifically, I want to learn how to use the Button module. I cant find anything on it in the manual or youtube.


  • Buttons let you generate switched signal values.

    Tap/click on the button and drag upwards to show the button settings.

    A Trigger Button will send 0.0 until you hit it, then it will send a very short pulse of value 1.0

    A Switch Button will toggle between 0.0 and 1.0 (or the value you've configured) each time you hit it.

    The Buttons module lets you add multiple buttons and it's the only module that also provides you with a momentary switch mode, which will send the configured value only as long as you hold the button.

    I hope that helps ☺️

  • Thanks. How do i tie it to a parameter? Essentially what im trying to do is this: When i perform live, i have an audio input module for my vocals, with some bleass reverb and bleass delay. Sometimes i do a little banter before my song, and if my song has heavy delay on the vocals, i dont really want that for when im just talking. I would like a way to hit a button of some sort that will bring the wet/dry of bleass delay down to 2, then hit it again to bring it back up to 15 for when im ready to sing. What would be the best way to do this?

  • I would recommend to do it this way:

    The Morph knob has the advantage to allow for modulation of any knob, no matter if it has a modulation input (the little grey arrows to the left of knobs) or not.

    If you prefer the Bleass delay, you need to map the parameters to modulate inside the AUv3 module so they appearvas knobs on the module.

  • Thank you, ill try that out

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    You could also just use a 1 to N switch to bypass the FX.

  • is there any documentation on how to use a 1 to N switch? I dont understand what im looking at there

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    First of all, sorry, I meant an N - 1 switch!

    The N-1 switch is used to choose between alternate sources to send to an output. In the screenshot, notice the Dry button is connected to the track audio input (colored blue to match the track module). The Wet button is connected to the delay fx module output (colored green to match the Delay FX node.

    The output of that module is connected to the track output (not shown but would be colored red to match the N-1 Switch module). When the Dry switch is selected, the track input is what is sent to the track output. When the Wet switch is selected, the delay fx module is sent to the output.

    I hope that makes sense.

  • The 1-N switch works the opposite way. It lets you choose between multiple places to send a single source. For instance, you could have buttons to choose to send your voice to a Reverb, or to a Delay, or through a bit crusher.

  • Thank you for your help

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