step sequencer per note

Many AUv3 plug-ins, such as drums and samplers, have one-shot samples for each note within a single MIDI channel. (For example, Koala sampler, Slammer, etc.)

I think it would be useful to have an option to switch the display for each note in the step sequencer in order to type smoothly with these plug-ins.

This is within one track. For example, if you press the C3 key, only steps containing C3 will be displayed. Editing a step in this state will not affect other notes.

Since I'm using machine translation, I'm not sure if it's being understood well, but I'd like to give some examples from existing gear.


・Roland JD-Xi - Drum Track

・Roland SH-4d - RHYTHM Track

・Ableton Push2 when selecting a Drum Rack track in Ableton Live

In each case, the step sequencer display changes each time you select a note within a track.


  • +1 this would be very helpful for drum kits

  • That's an excellent idea!

    Suggestion @giku: When Select is active, holding a keyboard note or pad will only show these notes in step sequencer and let me edit steps for that note.

    From what I can see so far, this won't interfere with existing gestures (hopefully).

  • I like it! :)

  • I am glad you agree with me!

    My idea was to add a button to switch to 'drum mode' to the track options. (If you set it to drum mode, only that track will have the same specifications as I mentioned earlier.)

    But with your idea, it would be easy to use for melody tracks! :)

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