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I love how the clip launcher does sync for patterns so that it will wait for the longest pattern to finish before going to the next one. This is important to me as i play guitar along with drambo, and being able to queue the next pattern and have time to get my hands back to my guitar is awesome. My question is, is there a way to do this for the global stop? As an example, im playing pattern 1, playing my guitar, i hit pattern 2 and go back to my guitar, when pattern 1 finishes, it starts pattern 2. I want to end the song after pattern 2, so i want to hit global stop, but it doesnt stop until pattern 2 finishes. Is this possible?


  • Kind of.

    I guess you're running Drambo on an iPad?

    Clip an iPhone to your guitar's strap, run any app on it (or Drambo as well) that supports Ableton LINK. Let the two LINK over WiFi and with LINK Start/Stop sync enabled, hitting stop on the iPhone will let Drambo stop on the iPad at the end of the current bar. A remote control for Drambo so to say.

    If the play button is too small on the iPhone, increase Accessibility Zoom to the max, enable the zoom gesture and have a monster play button at your fingertips 😄

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    A simple solution is to have an empty pattern then queue it when you're ready to stop. The song will go silent at the end of the playing pattern and you can hit stop at your leisure.

  • interesting, that is actually a really great idea number37, thanks

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