Mirack FX - accessing the 32 audio input channels from Drambo


Mirack's audio input module expands to allow 32 input channels but when loaded as an AuV3 FX in Drambo standalone, I only see 16 inputs (8 stereo pairs) available.

Is there any way to access the other 16 input channels?

Thanks in advance 😊


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    I don't think that's possible. I think the Drambo Audio Unit FX module is limited to 8 stereo inputs.

    You can always use a 2nd instance of miRack FX 16ch though.

  • Thank for the suggestion, however this doesn't work in my use case.

    Reason I'm asking is because I am using Drambo with Eurorack interfacing via Expert Sleepers ES-9 + E5-5 with 1x8CV and 1x8Gate expanders. These require the expert sleepers encoders available in Mirack. Because of the way these encoders work, it is only possible to load one instance within a Drambo project - all outgoing CV must go through this one instance.

    At the moment all works nicely using a mix of Covariant and MiRack, but I am currently using all 16 Mirack inputs. I was thinking to get another 8CVexpander, which would require another 8 inputs.

    Looks like this is currently not possible so I'll hold off on my purchase.

    BTW, I know that Covariant offers it's own ES-5 encoder, however it was designed with AUM in mind, as it utilizes AUM's 32 internal busses. AFAIK, Drambo doesn't offer this many busses, although I am happy to be corrected here.

    Also, if anyone is curious as to how I set-up the ES-5 expanders in Drambo, I could prepare a tutorial.

  • What does that encoder do exactly? Can't it be accessed from Drambo natively?

  • Why not just use Covariant's Encoder?

    Not to complain but it's unfortunate that it's only 32 inputs out of 64 available so there is need for a second encoder here as well.

  • It allows multiple CV/Gate streams to piggy back on a single stereo output. The ES-5 has 6 headers to which you can connect multiple expanders. The encoders allow you to easily route CV/Gate signals out through the assigned stereo pair.

    This is what I may end up doing. I was using the MiRack encoders first because they are much easier to understand 😛, but also I am performing some additional CV processing of the incoming signals in MiRack before outputting to the ES-5.

    But yes, I could indeed use multiple MiRack instances and output them into the Covariant encoder, which will then allow me to add the additional 8CV expander. So this is possible, I just need to dig-in and figure out how to do it.

    BTW, I already tried multiple instances of the Expert Sleepers encoder but it causes the CV signals to go haywire. I suspect it's the same with the Covariant Encoder because ES-5 is very sensitive to the amplitude of the summed signal. But 30 inputs is enough for my needs (for now anyway 😀).


  • Sure thing about the extra MiRack modulation before the Encoder, but I have to mention this though, I was using MiRack for the same purposes as you, but as I kept adding on more ESX-8CV expanders I had triggers from ES-5 starting leaking in to the CV modules in MiRack, without investigating further I tried Covariant and it’s been running solid for years now, and of course I just needed the extra inputs.

    Don’t take my word for it though maybe it’s something from the past for MiRack by now!

  • Good to know, and I really appreciate the advice, so big thanks!

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