How to use fx on master track

When I add a filter to the master track, it changes to only being audible on one ear. Why is that? My goal is to be able to be able to filter everything at once from the master track.

I’m not new to modular synthesis but fairly new to Drambo, so I’m assuming there’s something on the Drambo side I’ve yet to understand that’s causing this.


  • That should not be happening. Can you post a screenshot of your master track setup and at least one of the tracks that feed it?

  • Here you go. I’m assuming the audio info is the most important bit of info. Let me know if there’s more info I should share

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    if you feed the filters a stereo signal a stereo signal will come out ...

    are you sure you didnt mess with the pan knob in the mixer?

  • As far as I can tell from the images, the pan is at the center. What’s strange is I remove the effect and it goes back to being audible in both ears but I add it again and it goes fully to one side.

  • I continued to investigate this some more on different projects (including new) and the issue persists whenever I add any of the native Drambo audio processors. Perhaps this could be due to processing limitions?

  • I doubt that it would be due to processing limitations.

    Are you using dRambo with an audio interface?

    Have you tried a very simple project?

    For instance one track has a loop being played via Flexisampler

    and then adding the filter on the Master channel?

  • If that was the case, a lot of people would have reported it already.

    What does your CPU load meter show?

    Like @gravitas wrote, please make a simple project that shows the behavior and post it here so we can have a look.

  • I’m running Drambo on my iPhone with wired headphones. I tested it out on a simple project and it worked fine. Also have confirmed it wasn’t a processing issue.

    I then tested this on all my tracks (I’ve about a handful, so not difficult to do this) and what I noticed was this issue only occurs when ever I use a flexi sampler using a specific kick sample that I have stored locally on my iPhone. As soon as I replace that sample, the issue goes away… re-sampling the kick using a recorder and loading that newly recorded sample seems to solve the issue too. No clue why Drambo is upset with that specific kick sample…

  • Could it be that sample is stereo but only has the kick in one channel? I dunno, just an idea. Like @rs2000 said, there’s zero chance something like that hadn’t been noticed long ago

  • Is the sample a Factory sample?

    Is it a stereo file with only the kick drum sound on one side?

    Can you screenshot the sample in the Flexisampler and post it up here?

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    Here’s the project file simplified with just the kick track:

    I’ve confirmed the issue still occurs with this simplified version.

    Also: this is my first time sharing a project file, so please let me know if I did so incorrectly so I can learn.

    This is a sample from a pack I purchased a few years ago and have used it many times on ableton before. It appears to be stereo on the sampler. It also puzzles me why this one track would impact all the other tracks when the fx is added to the master (I would expect only the track with the sample to have this issue).

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    I just plugged my headphones into iphone and I hear the kick in both channels. Are you saying you only hear one?

    (nice kick groove, btw)

  • I only hear one side when I add an fx after the kick (such as the analog filter). Without the fx, there is no issue.

    my apologies for not clearly stating that.

  • Oh shit you’re right

    some weird x-phase issue? I’ll let experts answer

  • I appreciate the help and the compliment! Glad to see it was repeatable… curious to see what the experts have to say

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    For some weird reason your sample does not play the right channel. I’m guessing it has some “corrupt” value (rather that it being a bug). Only @giku can tell

    But thanks for the intersting thread (and sample) 😀

    See, this is why kicks should be mono…

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    Also note the sample is all over the place in terms of phase. Here’s what the mono looks in comparison

    Lots of cancellation by summing L+R. You’re better off just using one channel in mono.

    Also remember your speakers (let alone your eardrums) wont like these kind of phasing issues the least bit

  • Hmm, now I’m starting to feel it’s a bug on the analog filter

    Using the plain filter module works fine

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    @x13f I hope you don’t mind, I added a little bass

    edit: sorry It doesn’t work, I’ll send you a better one

  • I converted the file to mono using Flexisampler and it doesn’t play back through either of the filters.

    Visually it looks like the L&R channels are the same, weird.

    Have you tried putting into an external audio editor?

  • @x13f @pedro

    I loaded up the sample into Meow (recently released audio editor) and converted it to mono.

    It solves all the phasing issues etc.

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    Yes it does, but it loses the oomph because of cancellation (which was artificially generated anyway, I’m a strong believer of kicks in mono and dead center)

    But I really think now there’s some issue with the analog filter. Just open OP’s project and insert the analog after flexi. What do you hear?

    Normal filter works fine.

    weird, no?

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    @x13f this project should work

    edit: oops, now with samples

    Doesn’t use the analog filter…

    Change the preset using these arrows

    Also this button might come handy 😅

  • Yeah, I found the same things that the OP had found.

    Once I had converted the sample in Meow it didn’t seem to lose it’s oomph

    in actual fact it worked much better with the filters etc rather than using the Flexisample version.

    Still that’s a matter of opinion.

    Regardless the filters should play well with the original file however that’s up to Giku to decide. ;)

  • @gravitas unless I’m doing something wrong, both playing with pan modules hard left and right, only shows audio on the left (I’m baffled)

    and summing both channels stereo to mono shows a significant reduction in the wave (phase cancellation, I believe)

    it’s only with the analog filter, this wav might be an edge case, 🤷‍♂️

    share the meow mono version if you please, I’d like to compare (I’ve been on the beta for meow, didn’t contribute much at all, but now asked the dev, where’s the buy button? Honestly can’t find it)

    but I’m digressing

  • Here’s the wav file which worked on my end after going through Meow.

    I tried a couple of combinations, one was going through my dRambo MS-Decoder,

    another was the Stereo to Mono module, then checked the visual stereo information,

    a couple more variations and decided to try Meow instead which worked so

    I think the presumption that there’s some other info embedded in the file

    could well be a good one which has remained undecided until dRambo’s filters.

    Whether it’s a dRambo issue or file issue we will eventually find out no doubt. :)

    However the Meow file should do the do for now.

  • Yeah can confirm that file works fine, thanks, but then so does stereo to mono, or pan modules with the original one.

    Its the analogue filter that doesn’t like this file for some reason

  • @pedro @gravitas

    thank you guys for the insightful discussion and helping me figure out this issue that was driving me a bit crazy. I’ll def be using Meow from now on (thanks for the share).

    I do agree that this seems to be some sort of edge-case bug because the software is behaving unexpectedly (at least it feels like it to me). Glad to hear there’s an easy workaround though!

  • No problem.

    Yeah, Meow is rather cool and I’ve used quite a few audio editors over the years.

    The issue was more with the original file than the app per se however

    this is good to know for future reference just in case it happens again.

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