Preventing knob value jumps after host start/stop

I have a knob controlling a PC generator which is P-locked to different values for each clip, but let's say Clip #3 is locked to value 3, what happens next is something I need to avoid:

When the host stops and when the P-lock mode is off, the knob jumps back to it's un-P-locked value, which causes to send out an extra PC, unrelated to the P-locked value and which thereafter causes the synth that are controlled by PC gen to unnecessarily switch around patches upon host start/stop.

Would there be a way for the knob to alway stay at the same value as the current P-lock of the last stopped clip?


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    The fastest way to get solutions with specific cases is to simplify your project to the least part that showcases your problem, then save it, zip it, attach here

    I’m sure you’ll get more concrete answers

  • The thing with designing p-locks is that the most common use cases determine the behaviour, and in most cases it's that the p-locked value shall return to its previous state once the step or clip has ended.

    This subject has been discussed quite a few times but we could not agree on a straightforward, hassle-free solution.

    In your case, I would recommend to combine a PC p-lock with a send trigger so when the clip ends, a change in the PC number will simply not be sent.

    The idea is to p-lock both the knob position and the button to send a PC once. It works for clips as well as on steps, just make sure to also p-lock the button off state before sending again when using p-locks on steps.

  • Works perfectly!

    Yes I can see how this could be a 'can't have it all' discussion, but again with Drambo, eventually there is all!

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