How to perform side chain to single output on Layermixer?

I like to host my drums in a single track and then utilize a layer mixer as it makes the projects easier to navigate.

Ruismaker, Koala, etc.

How can I send only the kick over to my compressor so I can sidechain?

From what I can see there is no way to make that connection when using a layer mixer on a single track, am I missing something???


  • Also to clarify, the problem is I can send the entire layer over but I cannot send just a single part of the layer over like the kick so the sidechain ends up including everything on the layer :(

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    Yes, when using Racks and Layers, it's always a good idea to first check which signals can go where.

    I'm often using folding Section modules to avoid surprises when I need to change certain routings but of course that's not as elegant as using layers.

  • Got it. Am I just supposed to put 8 -16 + outputs each for these drum machines just to be able to route the kick though?

    Is there anyway to keep this compact and organized without needing to do that?

  • You might also want to try the Misc => Rack instead, it can have custom outputs wih different signal types (double-tap on a signal port to change its type).

  • Thanks. I'm trying this out now but having some difficulty.

    Do you happen to know of anyone that might have a video on this?

    I'll keep tinkering in the meantime.

  • For anyone stumbling upon this in the future I think I figured out the secret sauce for this.

    1. Create an Instrument Rack (IRack) inside of a Track
    2. Inside of this IRack place a Rack
    3. on the Rack, connect all of your outputs
    4. Inside of the instrument Rack, add a layer mixer
    5. Connect the layer mixers output to the appropriate output.

    You can now route the racks appropriate output to your sidechain.

    This seems to have the disadvantage that the layer mixer will not modify the output you're getting from your sidechain source as it's after the rack.

    If someone has a better way of doing this, please don't hesitate to share.

    Thanks go to rs2000 for the tip!

  • Nope that doesn't work either. As soon as you add the layer mixer you can no longer route around the outputs. Without the layer mixer it seems impossible to output sound from the rack?

  • Ok even further investigation shows that it's placing it in the instrument rack that disallows the routing.

    As far as I can tell the only way to save this as a preset now is to do so as a track and not an instrument rack or similar but it would work.

  • Even further investigation!

    The rack is superfluous.

    The only problem is you can't put this inside of an instrument rack, as soon as you do you can't route it.

    @giku is this expected behavior?

  • Why do you need an instrument rack? It is superfluous, use a Misc/Rack, add two audio output slots; the mix and the kick. If you want more of the inputs that an instrument rack has, that can be added, too.

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    This is expected behavior, yes.

    Think of racks as encapsulated black boxes each running in their own instance and giving you only the ports they were designed for.

    I also tend to not use racks when I need full routing freedom.

  • You could make a Rack which contains a Layer module and a Mixer module wired up with all individual outputs, but would still allow the individual outputs from each layer. This gives you the form of a layer mixer but with the functionality pipe out individual layers. Make a preset with 4 or 8 (or however many you might typically use) and then you will not have to build it from scratch every time.

  • Very basic implementation with audio signal from layer 4 sidechaining the entire mix. Obviously adjusting with envelope followers or any other improvements needed.

  • Folding sections are a godsend at the brainstorming part of the design, when you’re trying things out and want to jump around. So useful that I think they should have a shortcut. I end up copy pasting cause it’s quicker. Would also prefer blank text by default (sorry, I’m digressing)

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