Disarming P-locks

Is there a way to disarm a P-lock with another P-lock?


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    That happens by default.

    Apart from tap+holding a step to see the p-locked value(s), you can also check for p-locks here:

    Does that answer your question?

  • Not exactly,

    if I set a P-lock on step 1 on a knob to be all the way down, and a P-lock on step 16 to be all the way up, then the the last P-lock will stay in there forever (red dot on the knob) and it freezes the knob at that P-lock aka renders it unengageable.

    Is there a way to disarm a desired P-lock so the knob is back to its normal functionality? So I don't mean manually disarming it.

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    I can't reproduce this here. P-locking a knob on step 16 in a 1-bar pattern to its max. value will let it return to its min. value that is p-locked on step 1, and it will be "disarmed" on step 2 where there is no p-lock.

  • hmm so by auto disarm on step 2 do you mean that the red dot on the knob also disappears and you can engage with the knob again until it reaches the P-locked steps once more?

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    if you could please observe the orange knob, it's not disarming after the first step.

    edit: I wasn't aware that gifs don't work here, reposting in a sec

  • Sorry but I can't spot any p-lock freezing in your animated gif. The previously set p-lock is updated with the next one in your sequence.

    To be more clear about current p-lock behavior:

    P-locks are aware of notes.

    If you have notes on every step and add p-locks anywhere, they will only last one step and end with the next Note-On message, no matter if that step has a p-lock or not.

    P-locks will always last until the next p-lock or the next note which can be the next step or any note in the same or following pattern.

    This is done to better support p-locks for longer notes with release or reverb. You can still place another p-lock wherever you want it to set a different position. There is no way to "disarm" a p-lock otherwise.

  • Ah thank you that clears it up now, so I guess in that case only a morph could overwrite a P-lock as I see that automation also becomes unavailable, and otherwise there is no way to disarm it by another command correct?

  • Yes, that's the control hierarchy and the p-lock behavior as of now.

    We've discussed quite a number of options in the past but the simplicity of just adding another p-lock (with the disadvantage of not returning to the original knob value without placing a note) was found to be the best compromise between functionality and usability.

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