Can someone help me with a crash upon loading?

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I was recording midi notes, and noticed they weren’t recorded once I ended recording (the bars were simply empty). I saved the file, then pressed play, and Drambo crashed.

Whenever I open that file, Drambo crashes. I attached a crash report. I also rebooted in-between.

can someone tell me what I could do to open that file again? :)

thank you!


  • Maybe zip the project and attach here. I can try to open on my side. I’m intrigued

  • Here we go! Thanks a bunch!

  • Is it possible to load a project without plugins?

  • Well I can confirm your project crashes drambo on load. What do you have in there? 😅

  • I mean plugins cause that may be the issue

  • thought it might be an ios version thing (previously I was testing on 16) but no, it’s consistent. Whatever plugin you have there must be behaving bad, this can’t be a drambo issue. Perhaps drambo should not crash because of a plugin, but that’s another topic, I have no idea how complex.

    But to be able to open your project again, only way I can see is editing the binary project file, which is way above my paycheck, sorry.

    would love to know more about the .project file format, though

  • Thanks for trying! So.. I didn't add a new plugin before the crash. The project uses all sorts of plugins, but nothing new was added for some hours before the crash.

    The crash happened when I entered MIDI notes via keyboard. The notes didn't appear, I saved, and Drambo crashed upon pressing Play.

    I'll try to see whether I can edit the XML file. Who knows!

  • I added another thread about opening projects without plugins, at this link:

    the feedback led to me pinning the (likely) problem down to the AUPeakLimiter being loaded as processor on the master track — I describe it in more detail in that other thread. I’ll update if I hear back from giku. Can’t know 100%, but I think I found the culprit.

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