Is it possible to load a project, with its plugins disabled?

I have a project that makes Drambo crash upon loading.

I would like to find out if a plugin is the reason for this.

If this would result in the project to become loadable, I’d be a happy man.



  • No. Unless giku himself doctors it.

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    Drambo projects are encoded XML files that you could edit, theoretically.

    Warning: This is for hackers only 😉

    You'll need to back up then convert the file to a readable format on your Mac first, using: plutil -convert xml1 myProject.drproject.

    Now edit the file. If you know what you did before the crash occured, you can at least give it a try and edit the file to remove the problematic module - it will require some understanding of XML and the Drambo specific elements though.

    When done, do a: plutil -convert binary1 myEditedProject.drproject.

    This will convert it back to a project file that Drambo can read.

    If anything goes wrong during editing (invalid syntax etc.) then the file most likely won't load.

  • Oh, that's exciting.

    I only have an iPad, and not a desktop or laptop device.

    Can plutil be done on an iPad, or Windows device?

  • Aaand -- is there something like a verbose mode, to see why something might crash/create problems at load time?

  • Send your project and the crash log to @giku (info at beepstreet com) please.

  • Why not just try loading it in a host? The plugins can’t load in a host.

    Then remove one plugin and save under a new name to try in standalone. Rinse and repeat.

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    Do you mean to load Drambo within another host environment, like AUM? That’s a great idea, thank you!

    I tried that just now — AUM will close Drambo upon loading that file, and say ‚BPST: Drambo failed. \nAudio Unit Plugin invalidated‘

    you probably meant something else — I have the same behavior independently of which project I load.

    what do you mean by ´loading it in a host´ :)

  • Ah, ok. I loaded Drambo as a plugin within Drambo. Awesome idea!

    I could load all sorts of projects, but this problematic one led to Drambo saying ´Failure´. I’ll reach out to giku :)

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    I started hunting. I had a project version that I could still load into Drambo, and a later version that I couldn’t load (it led to Drambo crashing). But NEITHER of them could be loaded in a host environment __ whereas all other of my projects apparently could. What was different in this project?

    I went through the plugins, removing them, then saving — then checking whether the newly saved project would load in a host environment.

    it was the AUPeakLimiter that (I think) came preinstalled with the iPad. I had it loaded as processor on the master track. I never used the master track before, and certainly never loaded a plugin into it.

    but once I removed it, the project could be loaded in the host environment just fine. So I guess I found my problem.

    will mail giku — thank you Team Awesome!

    PS: this thread contains the project file and dump:

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