Dropbox integration / How to set up automatic syncing

I would like to understand where to setup the Drambo project files, so they are automatically synced with Dropbox.

until now, I had my projects in Local:/Documents. I simply uploaded them to Dropbox manually at the end of each day. That’s not how I’m used to working on Windows though, where the data is within the Dropbox folder, and syncs automatically.

To fix this, I moved the Drambo projects into the Dropbox folder hierarchy. Then I opened a project file from within the Files app, so it’s open within Drambo. But Drambo doesn’t let me save. I can only ´Save As´ — which doesn’t let me navigate to the Dropbox folder.

It seems like I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I misunderstand something very basic? I’m from the Windows world, and I don’t even understand the basic icons of Drambo‘s ´Open´ dialog..


  • Drambo can only sync with iCloud automatically.

  • Could you elaborate? In my understanding, it wouldn't be the app's task to sync files -- but (in my case) it would be Dropbox's task.

    For that to work, I would need to open/save from specific folders. I can OPEN files from anywhere apparently, but I can't SAVE to anywhere.

    Is this an iPad/iOS limitation? Then I'll work around it.

    Thank you!

  • There’s no sync that I know of. You can save projects in iCloud they’ll go on Drambo’s folder, but you have to save them yourself from within Drambo. And only projects, not modules, because for that Drambo has a folder system on the device only.

    But then you can share projects across devices (or copy to dropbox).

    The other thing you can do is use webdav to backup your in-device folder, with projects and also folder structure of modules. But again you have to do it yourself (I do it to backup from time to time)

  • Ok, thanks — I understand. Thanks for the explanation!

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