Unison module phase

I’ve noticed that every time I return unison module’s detune knob to zero the sound of the oscillator changes. Sounds like a phase shift. Is there a way to reset the phase every time it’s down to zero? Cheers


  • If you route MIDI2CV's gate to Unison and forward its gate to the oscillator(s) then a new key press will re-sync the phase again. But you have a good point here, @giku might want to think about resetting the phase of all attached oscilllators via the Unison's gate output whenever detune is turned down to zero.

  • Ok, I think I get it now. So it’s not the oscillator that is out of phase with itself 🙄 but various oscillators in the patch being out of sync with each other. Makes sense. I’ll connect all of them to the unison module. Thanks

  • Well, even if you're only using one oscillator, increasing the Unison Voices above 1 will make a polyphonic signal, creating as many "hidden" oscillators as the adjusted number of voices.

    Since you have no other control of the oscillator phases than re-triggering all oscillators by their gate input, I think that your request is a reasonable one. I only suspect that re-triggering the Gate output of the Unison module when zeroing Detune might be incompatible with modules other than the oscillator: An Envelope would be triggered again if fed by the gate signal, for example.

    A question of "What is the desired behavior?" 😉

  • Of course. I think when it comes to a single oscillator’s ’hidden voices it should reset the phase with each key press.

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