Recording sequencer into Drambo MidiFx in AUM first note dropped/altered issues

When AUM transport is set to instant, Drambo MidiFx does not record the first note of an external sequencer auv3, or sometimes will do something strange like record a 16tg chord with random notes, even from a monophonic sequence with a longer note length. This was consistent with Mididreams, Stepbud, Rozetta Bassline, and Rozetta Arp.

When AUM transport is set to have a 1 bar preroll, most first notes from sequencers were recorded EXCEPT that the first note length/gate was always abridged to a 16th note even if it was supposed to be a quarter note. Some sequencers were also recorded as a random 16 note chord as with the instant transport.

I haven't recorded a video of these weird behaviors but can.

Is no one else getting this weird midi recording stuff?


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