• Man this is ace !!!! Will try this asap.

  • Gotta say there are crazy things going on with the cross fader !!!!!

  • Awesome.

    I tried it earlier on today.

    I'm going to try and reverse engineer it to learn from it.

    Great stuff.

    Thank you.

  • thanks! This one was fun and the general concept is really useful for any kind of punch in effect.

  • Hey Ben !

    i love playing with this patch. I am just trying to improve it more towards my use case, especially the stutter layer :

    • When using longer delay times (longer repeats), one must increase the decay time (on the AD module just before the delay), or else the buffer is too big and some silence is inserted at the end of the small loop. Is there anyway to have the buffet always full with having to modify both delay time and decay on the previous module ? Maybe another module could work ?
    • is it possible to have smaller time division when doing using synced delay (can’t go below 1/4 beat sync, would live to have to be able to use smaller divisions while staying on sync) ? I tried to play with the time scale module, but I have weird and funky changes, but still not the same behaviour as on the Octatrack :-)

    again many thank for this one :-))))))

  • Maybe a stutter module @giku ??????


    take care.

  • Hey Ben, not sure if this was intentional but you've titled the page stuffer effect processor. Perhaps that was meant to be stutter?

  • @fascinatingEO Yes. The typos abound these days.

    @jazzmess If you figure out how to do that, please let me know!

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