MIDI effects racks


It would be great to have a new kind of rack dedicated to MIDI effects ("MIDI effect rack"?)

I think it's connectors would be a MIDI signal as input, and a MIDI signal as output.

This would help for:

  • sharability -> The racks would be plug&play. It could be added just before an instrument (thanks to auto-connect).
  • reusability -> MIDI effects racks would be easier to be managed (added/replaced) from its own category of presets
  • design -> It would allow to isolates the midi processing from sound generators/processors (By now, we have to save it in an instrument rack which create another unnecessary hierarchical layer).

Few example of MIDI effect racks that could be shared plug-and-play:

  • Chord repeater module (With the help of Drambo's community, we managed to build it with Drambo's built-in modules, but by now, this effect is shared as an instrument)
  • Multi-arpeggiators
  • One-finger-chords modules
  • MPE interfaces for non-MPE instruments
  • etc.



  • Yes its definitely a missing part. Will be here soon

  • Awesome!

    Can't wait to turn my growing midi/instruments library into those modules :-)

    Thanks for your feedback!

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