Polyphonic X-fading using Envelope

I’m completely stumped. The envelope should drive the x-fader but this is only working for one voice.


  • It looks to me like the x-fader behaviour is monophonic. Modulating the x-fader (in the above patch) with an LFO, the modulation happens in unison. The LFO directly patched to the oscillator pitch, each voice is carrying its own LFO signal, obvious from the phase differences.

    I’m trying to find a way to morph between two values using an envelope.

  • Haven't tried so it may not work but worth a try... gate through slew limiter (if attack/decay stages needed)?

  • The slew limiter crossed my mind but after some experiments I found it’s not really the ideal tool.

    I think I might be pinning down my issue. It’s not the x-fader, here it is working polyphonically. Crazy sound btw.

    I’m wondering if it comes down to using constant values.

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    OK, seems like working out a tricky problem in public helps.

    Sussed it. Mono to Poly module, placed after constants like knob or number.


  • Aha! Very good. I had a similar problem, which I abandoned as not possible. I bet the same trick would work for me.

  • Yes, those Mono to Poly, Poly to Mono modules open up some interesting options. Easily overlooked at first. The polyphony aspect isn't really that transparent so takes a bit of getting used to. Being able to morph between two held values polyphonically is really going to be useful. It's at the core of a morphing additive synth I've just built, I'm sure there's all sorts of applications.

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    It's probably off topic...

    I'd like to trigger a synth voice from a sequencer module (which is mono), but have the env decay stage heard (which I guess involves some voicing). I'm sure it's doable but I can't figure out how. Or maybe there would have to be retrigger setting for seq module to achieve this? Any advice please?

    Never mind... got it :)

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