MIDI controllers with incremental knob encoders



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    Yea its surprising, it has endless encoders but you can't configure them to be relative (there are 2 relative midi knobs out of the 18). This is because with its LED rings its designed to have midi sent to it to update the knob values.

    That's what I'm doing withe script, sending 63 back to the APC every time it sends out a value, resetting its knob.

    Yea I too was worried about this, but so far with my testing the midi sends back quickly enough that there isn't too much knob jumping. Its slightly "stuttery" at times but I didn't find it that bad. It kinda like it has its own "knob acceleration" when turned fast.

    Those compact versions are definitely better. I wrote mine at 3am while being unsure what other things I might be doing while I was in there 😂

  • Good. The controller will definitely skip values when turning fast; they all do.

    Why do you say you're sending "63" when you're actually sending "64". In fact, 64 is the correct nominal zero for Drambo incremental, since it uses 65 for +1, and 63 for -1.

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    Yep that's right, I meant 64. That's what I get for responding after 6 hours of sleep with no coffee :P

  • In case anyone runs into 'skipping values': Most incremental controllers also support acceleration by e.g. sending values above 65 when turning faster CW and below 63 when turning CCW. The faster the knob is turned, the farther away the CC values are from 64.

    In fact I've only seen one single incremental controller that didn't do that: The Hercules Starlight DJ controller Jog Wheels.

    They always send the same values for increments and decrements but the hardware encoder resolution is much, much higher than the usual knobs. This is what Drambo's "Incremental - Jog" mode is made for.

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