Changing note rearranges step components

Start with a step containing: Jump, Note, Cycle Condition, Retrig

Edit the step

Change the note using the keyboard

The component order changes to: Jump, Cycle Condition, Retrig, Note

The new order has drastically different behavior than the original.

Where can I read up to understand why Jump must come before the note? Why Retrig only works after a note? These seem backwards, no?


  • This is partially user confusion. I was probably not holding down the note name in the step component while pressing a new note on the keyboard. Looks like Drambo is deleting all midi note components then adding the new note component rather than replacing an existing one.

  • Sooner or later, the note editing will most likely be improved, this is mentioned regularly.

    It's still irritating for me too although I've been working with it for quite a while.

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