Paste audio from recorder module into sample pool

As the title says


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    With a button called Save sample or something

    or open sample in Flexi? (That’s basically what I want)

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    This leads to resample whatever you recoded with a few buttons pressed :)

  • Good point. I missed that just yesterday.

    As simple as the recorder may be, you'll always have a great capture that you want to re-use elsewhere.

    And please, add a reverse button.

  • Lol, me too.

    So I recorded the amen and then I realized oh, I can’t do anything with it. ^^

  • hm, this just needs to be quick, dont ask for sample names or anything

    just call it timestamp.wav and find it in the sample pool :)

  • I recall 'Sample Pool' was something @giku didn't like?!

    Being able to switch the sample on a Flexi Sampler instrument using P-Locks would make things interesting, and it would be the users responsibility if things screw up when slice points and things like that don't match across the samples...

    A pool would make it easier to re-use samples in the current session without having to go thru the import sample thing.

    And adding samples to the pool would simply speed things up.

    Time will tell where things go...

  • im just using "sample pool" in lack of a better word

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